Jazz Fashion

The Diane von Furstenberg or the Romeo & Juliet? While trying to decide which dress to wear for our upcoming jazz concert at Blues Alley, I had the thought to write a post about jazz fashion. I had planned to work with our intern and research the subject. Then, I stumbled upon Vintage Black Glamour. It does a lot of the work for us. Published in 2014, this stunning book was written by Nichelle Gainer. I came upon
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Jazz Through An Alley

My first time at Blues Alley was on a weekday afternoon with a videographer. The club was empty, quiet and, despite it being daytime, dark. It had just opened for the staff to begin getting ready for the night’s show. My video friend recorded me sitting on the piano stool on the stage singing “I Got It Bad” a cappella. The club had given me permission (thanks Harry!), after I told them I needed a video for an auditio
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A Magical Night

In June, me and the guys had the pleasure of performing a private concert for members of The Arts Club of Washington. Like the Nasar Abadey event that I attended there a year ago, the evening was magical. One of the first things the guys were drawn to at The Arts Club was the Steinway piano. Its sound was beautiful. Lincoln (trombone, Music Director) and Clifton (piano) walked straight to it upon their arrival. A coc
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A Jazzy Suit

Clothier, Paul Stuart, presented John Pizzarelli in a fun-filled performance with the Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Ensemble. The company’s Washington, DC store dressed the musicians in gorgeous suits for the intimate concert held at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History. In his remarks, Paul Stuart’s Chief Marketing Officer, Thomas Mastronardi, spoke of how cool jazz musicians are, c
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They Heard You

My latest CD Love received a raving review this week. It was so rewarding to read that AllAboutJazz.com Senior Editor, Chris Slawecki, could decipher the amount of hard work that went into the 13-track, jazz/R&B project. Producing, musicianship, and more is mentioned. This is what recording artists and record labels hope for. Check out the review here. Thank you, AAJ.
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Jazz Producer Incognito

Today, I am sharing my AllAboutJazz.com article about Sony Hip Hop producer, BuBu the Producer. Yes, I know.  I’m a jazz artist.  And yes, BuBu is a Hip Hop producer. Learn how this can turn out!  Check out Jazz Incognito.  
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Love Demos

Highlighting some of the demos from my upcoming album, Love, today.  Led by several producers and engineers, the tracks were recorded at Cue Recording Studios and Asiatic Studios in Oxon Hill, MD.  The 13-track project will be mastered at Masterwork Recording. Do let me know what you think?  
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