Eartha Kitt

Jazz Fashion

The Diane von Furstenberg or the Romeo & Juliet? While trying to decide which dress to wear for our upcoming jazz concert at Blues Alley, I had the thought to write a post about jazz fashion. I had planned to work with our intern and research the subject. Then, I stumbled upon Vintage Black Glamour. It does a lot of the work for us. Published in 2014, this stunning book was written by Nichelle Gainer. I came upon
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They Heard You

My latest CD Love received a raving review this week. It was so rewarding to read that AllAboutJazz.com Senior Editor, Chris Slawecki, could decipher the amount of hard work that went into the 13-track, jazz/R&B project. Producing, musicianship, and more is mentioned. This is what recording artists and record labels hope for. Check out the review here. Thank you, AAJ.
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