Course Overview

re you contemplating a recording career and trying to find your voice? Or maybe you are in need of an audition “tape”? Perhaps you know you are talented but don’t know where to start? Do you know what choices to make to reduce costs and maintain quality? Do you know how to evaluate producers, musicians, back-up performers, arrangements?

This course teaches the critical components artists need to consider before walking into a recording studio – ultimately saving time and money and helping you achieve your goals. Along with gaining intimate knowledge of the recording process, you will have the opportunity to tour a working recording studio and network with other aspiring artists, giving you the confidence and encouragement needed to RECORD!

Learning Outcomes: You can expect to create a recording project plan that becomes your roadmap for managing your own recording project. You’ll also have the opportunity to expand your list of industry contacts and build an in-depth understanding of the business-end of recording, marketing and distribution.

Pre-requisites: An aspiration to capture and hone your talent!


See our syllabus for details on our six session course