Making Music Modern

I was awed when I saw the Picasso exhibition at MoMA. I am an art collector but adore contemporary art. Ever since that exhibition, I became a MoMA subscriber, and their new offering of music instruments inspired this post. The pocket synthesizers have clever design and are the ultimate in portability. And the Seaboard keyboard places sound manipulation in the silicone keys, as you play them. See the entire collection of contemporary instruments here.

The MoMA email reminded me of the instruments I saw at the MIT Media Lab a couple of years ago. I had only seen the flute but have now learned that the lab has done so much more. It turns out that Yo-Yo Ma, Peter Gabriel, and others have been using some of the work created there. MIT’s hyperinstruments have struck a chord with them, pardon the pun. Yet the collection also includes pieces for mid-career musicians, beginners, and children.

Read more about what MIT is doing with instruments here and here.


  1. Jaffar Reply

    I really think you shulod help and try to get other schools to get them to play like what you do like schools around the world my son goes to glinwood elimentary and it could help them learn about stuff.

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