A Magical Night

In June, me and the guys had the pleasure of performing a private concert for members of The Arts Club of Washington. Like the Nasar Abadey event that I attended there a year ago, the evening was magical.

One of the first things the guys were drawn to at The Arts Club was the Steinway piano. Its sound was beautiful. Lincoln (trombone, Music Director) and Clifton (piano) walked straight to it upon their arrival. A cocktail reception in the upstairs parlor preceded the concert, but Clifton didn’t want to leave the Steinway to attend!

While the guys were setting up the stage, a man and woman entered the music room and took pictures of themselves next to one of the art paintings on the wall. I introduced myself, only to discover that the woman, Cherry Baumbusch, was standing next to her painting that won a 2016 Arts Club Award! Cherry was cool too; I look forward to talking art and music with her in the near future.

I got a bit nervous when the rest of the Arts Club members began filling the music room for the concert. I had just met Cherry, an award-winning artist, and wondered who else was among them. I later found out that one of the club’s founders was there. People were taking pictures of him standing next to a recent painting of him. It meant a lot when he told me during dinner that he liked our Gershwin selections; and we do Summertime funky!

Speaking of dinner, it was simply wonderful. After our performance, each of us was seated at a different table among the guests, ensuring interesting and fun conversation. I had a ball at my table! (A huge thanks to Arts Club member, Susan Rao!!!) The guys loved the dinner courses too, and the chef prepared delicious vegan dishes for me. Oh my goodness; it all was so nice.

The icing on the cake was seeing my first vocal coach HarrMonika Musik at the event. He was scheduled to come to DC from New York for the weekend but arrived one day early to attend the event. It was his first time seeing me perform live.



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