Dinner for the “Love” Team

My recent CD release, Love, was created by a team of incredible people.  To try to show them how much I appreciate their support and what they brought to the project, I had them over for dinner before releasing the CD to the public.  There was even a Part II on July 4th, where I was invited to dinner!

Gathered together were donors, writers, musicians, management, marketing, publicity, and graphic design.  People who were on travel sent friends in their place.  And Harrmonika, the former music director and pianist for Gil Scott Heron, who wrote a song on the CD, traveled from New York to join us.  We all had a good time.

When you listen to Love, know that these are the faces behind it.



  1. Trish Reply

    This was an awesome dinner! Thanks so much for including me and thanks for making beautiful music!

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