Audio Engineering

Making Music Modern

I was awed when I saw the Picasso exhibition at MoMA. I am an art collector but adore contemporary art. Ever since that exhibition, I became a MoMA subscriber, and their new offering of music instruments inspired this post. The pocket synthesizers have clever design and are the ultimate in portability. And the Seaboard keyboard places sound manipulation in the silicone keys, as you play them. See the entire collectio
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They Heard You

My latest CD Love received a raving review this week. It was so rewarding to read that AllAboutJazz.com Senior Editor, Chris Slawecki, could decipher the amount of hard work that went into the 13-track, jazz/R&B project. Producing, musicianship, and more is mentioned. This is what recording artists and record labels hope for. Check out the review here. Thank you, AAJ.
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Assistant Professor of Music Technology!

When Dr. William E. Smith sent me a LinkedIn connection request, I couldn’t wait to reply in hopes of an opportunity to chat with him about his work as Assistant Professor of Music Technology at Bowie State University, in Bowie, Maryland.  After a little Googling, I realized that he is the saxophonist from The W.E.S. Group, an established, jazz band in the Washington, D.C. area. I enjoyed interviewing Will and hearin
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Analog vs. Digital Continues on Film | The Distortion of Sound

The analog vs. digital debate goes back to the roll out of the mp3 file format.  Sundance now brings it to us in an easily digestible way in its film, The Distortion of Sound.  These quotes caught our attention, and we can’t wait to see the film: Music is the most phenomenal thing on the planet.  – Quincy Jones I couldn’t imagine life without it.  – Slash The listener doesn’t know so he doesn’t care
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Nori at the Board

                  A day at the studio with daddy, Kanye West! Photo courtesy Kim Kardashian.  
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Jazz Producer Incognito

Today, I am sharing my AllAboutJazz.com article about Sony Hip Hop producer, BuBu the Producer. Yes, I know.  I’m a jazz artist.  And yes, BuBu is a Hip Hop producer. Learn how this can turn out!  Check out Jazz Incognito.  
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Love Demos

Highlighting some of the demos from my upcoming album, Love, today.  Led by several producers and engineers, the tracks were recorded at Cue Recording Studios and Asiatic Studios in Oxon Hill, MD.  The 13-track project will be mastered at Masterwork Recording. Do let me know what you think?  
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