Talent’s important.
But it can only take a musician so far.
Creating and recording an album is glamorous and exciting, but it takes a lot more than great sound to make it in the music business. Upfront but behind-the-scenes work – like planning, budgeting and hiring – are as critical to the quality of an album as vocals, yet receive far less coaching. That’s where Recording Project 101® comes in.

Rookie to recording?
We’ve been there, done that.
Recording Project 101 is dynamic, engaging and teaches artists about all of aspects of the recording process. Created and instructed by self-made jazz vocalist and longtime industry veteran Changamiré, Recording Project 101 divulges the artist’s step-by-step approach to developing and executing recording plans, even getting students out of the classroom to generate excitement about the professional recording environment. By the end of the course, students know how to formulate and stick to a budget; make creative decisions; avoid fiscal pitfalls; hire staff; scout and select the right studio; and even promote their work – in short, how to create a successful recording product.

Why make mistakes when you can learn from someone else’s?
Though Changamiré’s debut album, Only Human, went on to become internationally recognized, its success – and her career – could have been hindered by the many beginner’s missteps she made along the way. Students often say that the biggest advantage of Recording Project 101 is that it teaches lessons before mistakes ever happen.

The best person to learn from?
The little guy who made it big.
Recording Project 101’s content is valuable because it was inspired by firsthand experience as an amateur vocalist, yet is backed by Changamiré’s team, management, recording, performance and overall industry expertise. It hands students the breadth and depth of her tricks of the trade, setting artists up with the skills, knowledge and entrepreneurial outlook needed to become true professionals.