Analog vs. Digital Continues on Film | The Distortion of Sound

The Distortion of Sound

The analog vs. digital debate goes back to the roll out of the mp3 file format.  Sundance now brings it to us in an easily digestible way in its film, The Distortion of Sound.  These quotes caught our attention, and we can’t wait to see the film:

Music is the most phenomenal thing on the planet.  – Quincy Jones

I couldn’t imagine life without it.  – Slash

The listener doesn’t know so he doesn’t care.  He doesn’t even know that it can sound better.  – Snoop Dogg

We have a McDonald’s generation of music consumers.  – Hans Zimmer

…and then somebody streams it in the worst possible compression format, then listens to it on their shitty laptop speakers.  That’s NOT what the artist intended.   -- Mike Shinoda


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